Heinäkuun viimeisenä ne tilasimme, viikko sitten ne tulivat... mutta ovat kyllä ihanat! Titaania ja kultaa, kevyet kuin mitkä, kauniit muttei mahtailevat. Juuri niin kuin pitikin! Huom! Klikkaa kuvan päällä niin suurenee.


Here they are, our engagement rings. Me and Nick got engaged in July, but just last week the rings arrived. Aren't they gorgeous!


They're titanium and gold, and not so poshy and big as they usually like in Ireland. I personally find egg-sized-diamond engagement rings just ridiculous: it doesn't show the amount of love, just the desire to show others that one has money. And that desire is just something to laugh at if you ask me.


So ours are beautiful and precious without making a big number out of it. 

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