Just to show a few of my recent small finished objects which I did during the Kesäyön hullutus-KAL.


The mice are from Donna Druchunas' book Cat Knits, and I've made many of them previously as well. I still like the pattern a lot, plus the yarn (Ecologico Color by Schachenmayr) is really nice to work with. I got 5 and a half mice out of one ball (you might notice one of the mice is smaller - that's the half mouse!) I made them on 6mm needles and felted them in 30 degrees cotton program: my washing machine seems to be very efficient when felting, if I use over 30 degrees the knits overfelt!


The blue square is a preemie blanket. I made it with some Nadja-cotton (basic mercerized DK cotton) I was given at the Essen knitting group and plan on giving it to the German preemie knits project. It's about 55x55 cm big and made on 4mm needles I think. The pattern is the generic co3-and-yo-at-beginning-of-row -dishcloth/blanket pattern.


I'm currently knitting on another preemie blanket as well, but that will take a few more days to finish.

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