Yesterday we finally met my cousin, who moved to Dublin a few months back, but unfortunately I hadn't been able to meet her before (for some reason her number had disappeared from my phone, and the email address didn't work, either!) Well, now we finally got togther. We first took the bus to the city, and see what someone had made: Yes, it is a origami swan made out of a Dublin Bus ticket. It was so lovely, I felt really touched - to make something so beautiful out of such an ordinary and very unaesthetic piece of paper.


Once we got to the centre, we walked up to the Botanic Gardens, where we then met my cousin. The walk around the gardens was lovely, no sound of cars or other noise, just the wind in the trees and a few ducks and squirrel. My cousin told about a redheaded duck which lives in Switzerland, but originally comes from Siberia - oh how I laughed when trying to picture that bird in my head.


I tried to find a picture but couldn't locate one. Pretty soon it started raining, so we headed for the greenhouses. After seeing the Gardens we got some delicious chinese takeaway, got very very wet in the rain, and had to forget our plans for going to the pub - you can't really enjoy a beer with soaking wet shoes. So we thanked my cousin, headed for the bus stop and after 20 minutes of desperate waiting in the rain, took a taxi.

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