I wrote a long text about the "long night of the museums" in Düsseldorf, which we attended a few weeks ago, but it mysteriously (ok, ok, I admit, I messed up) disappeared. So instead of writing it all again, I'm just going to show you the pictures.


For info, during the long night of museums many museums, churches, galleries and exhibitions are open until 2am and there are many special happenings throughout the night.


We saw some modern art, Chinese ink drawings, short films about cinema, a remake of an old video art work "Il Nuotatore (va troppo spesso ad Heidelberg)" by Studio Azzurro and a very lovely Iranian golden peacock (see picture below).


There was also some beer at an Irish pub after all the art. I think we got home around 4am - very very tired (I don't know when I've been up that late since university!) but quite satisfied. It really is a great happening, doesn't matter which city arranges it.

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What a great idea! Sounds like good fun. I bet everything in a museum looks different at 2am! And off to an Irish pub after? Admit it, you miss us lol.
That peacock is quite something, really beautiful.