When I go to Finland, I always manage to grow my stash substantially. This time was no exception. Let me show you the gorgeous yarns and wools.


* Tässä olisi Suomen lankahankinnat! Ensinnä Villa Laurilan lankoja * 


First, I ordered some locally, small-scale produced wools and yarns from Villa Laurila. I got yarns and wool for spinning (and a drop spindle!) from near-extinct Kainuunharmas-sheep and  Ahvenanmaa's sheep. They are so cool and you can really notice that they're not industrially processed.

I also odered a spindle, and wool from the same rare breeds to go with it!

There's also other lovely yarns I got - see them after peressing Read more.

* Read moren jälkeen on vielä lisää lankoja! *



First 100% corn yarn from TeeTee  - I bought 4 balls from a sale, just to give it a try. It feels very soft, and the colour is beautiful.


I also got some purple bamboo to make the gorgeous Intolerable Cruelty skirt!


Last but not least a new load of Huopanen, (the felting Finnish wool), I will need to make a new Cat bag (you might have seen a picture earlier in my blog) - I couldn't  quite finish the pattern with the last bag.)

* Maissilankaa, bambulankaa ja Huopasta - kyllä näillä taas hetken pärjää! * 

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