The latest fantasy book I read was Fortress in the eye of time by C. J. Cherryh, which I finished this weekend. It's a story about wizards and their creations in a time when wizardry is not very highly regarded. Mayryl, an old wizard, creates (or raises a soul for) a boy Tristen, who after Maury's death must leave his home and seek new allies. He does find them, but also many enemies and war.


It's not the best fantasy book I've read, but one of the best lately. The story's interesting, the boy Tristen is facinating, as are the other characters. The story seems to jump from one happening to another very qucikly, though - say, one messenger comes, and the next thing we know there is a war. Or, a wind comes, and on the next row someone is dead. The transitions from one phase to another are quick and a bit unconcidered. When we get to the actual happenings, they are well told.


This is a good 'snack' book (even though it has near 800 pages), good basic medieval fantasy for the enthusiast.

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