This time I'll use my Darfur Friday to make a book review. I devoured such a strong, impressive, emotional, raw and honest biography this week I have to share it with you.


It's called Tears of the desert by Halima Bashir, a Darfurian doctor who did all she could for her people, was hunted down for it, but could escape to Great Britain and survived.


She witnessed the mass rape of 40 school girls (age around 10) which the Sudanese regime allowed. She herself was raped and abused for 2 days, raping and cutting and burning her until she lost conciousness. Her village was destroyed by helicopters and Janjaweed. Her father was killed. She doesn't know where her family is, if they're alive or not.


The war in Darfur is unholy, shameful, I just want to puke when I hear what the Sudanese Arab government do to the black peoples of Darfur.


If there's anything you can do to stop this, please please do. If nothing else, knit or crochet a pencil case for South Sudan - even if not directly Darfur, but still a refuge region for many Darfurians. Or read the book. Halima's story is really, really, Really heartmoving. Don't close your eyes, take stance!

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