Worsted Knitt proudly presents - Finished Objects! Quite often I tend to have a million things on the needles at once, and then finish them all at once.

Viimein jokusia valmistuneita töitä:


Here's the French Market Bag from Knitty, done with Cortina yarn and 10 mm needles.


Huomio! Jos kuulut perheeseeni, älä katso näitä kuvia Flickristä, tai saatat pilata jouluyllätyksesi! 


The next finished objects must be hidden behind Flickr link, as they are for christmas presents, and I don't want the potential receivers seeing them! So if you know you're not a member of my family, you are allowed ro enter here.


I also have cast on something new.

Myös uutta on aluillaan:


This is going to be a baby cardi, my first actual garment ever! I am very excited to see how it works out. If this turns out nicely, I'll then dare to make my own, which I started planning in the summer already. Wish me luck (especially because I'm doing it in a different gauge and will need to modify the pattern quite because of that)!


Tästä tulee vauvan /pikkulapsen neuletakki; ensimmäinen ihan oikea 'vaate' jonka neulon! Katsotaan taas kuinka ämmän käy ja millainen tekele siitä tulee.

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