Remember the banana silk yarn I received as gift a while back? I finally cast it on, ancdvery quickly cast it off too, as it knits up really quick!


I made the Juicy banana silk scarf (Ravelry link) and even though it calls for two hanks of the yarn, I managed very well with just one, I just left the tassels off and made the scarf a bit shorter - I reckon it measures two meters. I made it with 8mm needles.


The yarn itself was very interesting. I actually really liked working with it, it wasn't hard on the hands or splitty at all (possibly due to the very overspun charackter of the yarn!). What annoyed me were the many knots in the skein, I counted at least 5. But, it is a 200 gram hank, so maybe it's acceptable. The hank has ca. 150 meters of yarn, and the recommended needle size is 5-6mm. It's pure banana silk, so plant fiber, and handwash only.


The yarn is very thick and thin, partly exremely overspun and occationally hardly spun at all. The banana fiber itself feels really soft, but the very spun bits make it somewhat harder.


This is not a sweater yarn, I can tell you that. It's too heavy and uneven for that. However, I would buy it in the future for knitting unique accessories and other items that can look rustical and hand-made.

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That scarf came out great! The color is fabulous! I absolutely detest knots in skeins, and 5 would have me completely pissed off. It is truly amazing what they are making yarn from now.