Stel Pavlou: Decipher

I read a book by Stel Pavlou, called Decpiher. They seem to admire this on Amazon, but I personally wasn't too impressed. Ok, he studied a lot for it and the idea is really interesting and the realisation new, but still the book was somehow sensation-seeking and repeated it's own patterns. I mean, for example the finishing sentence of a chapter was always the same format, short and selling. That became really boring during the 600 and more pages.


The story was not, for the most part, believable but rather over-the-top: the characters discovered the secrets of mankind (and the mankind before them) definitely too soon. Really, no-one's that smart all of a sudden! One thing leads to another and sudednly the world is saved 2 minutes before total doom and the end of the world.


I did read the book to the end, and I won't say it was a Bad Book, just that Stel's gift as researcher might be best left outside literature. The whole idea was great, and the occurrences interesting... but somehow I wasn't swept away. Anyway, many people liked this book so you might want to try it out anyway.

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