It's happened, I left Ireland and have pretty much settled into Essen , a beautiful city in Nordrhein-Westfalen (often shortened as NRW), Germany.


The move was quite easy looking back, me and Nick were able to share the workload and everything worked out fine. I even got most of the needed documentation already, and most of the tasks done (register as resident, open bank account...) . The weather was gorgeous for the first few days,but lately it's been rainy again. I hoped to escape bad weather when leaving Ireland, but that hasn't happened yet unfortunately. Luckily I was in Finland for a week, where the weather was a bit nicer (I'll post separately on that).


Our new apartment is lovely, light-coloured and spacious. I'm very pleased with it. A big plus is the great amount of storage (for stash)! Here are some impressions of the place, and one shot of the city - the highest building around here, the RWE tower, and Aalto-theate, which was designed by a Finn.

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