There is very little textile industry in Finland left. One big would-be-loss was the factory in Nokia which was to be closed down. It was announced late in 2015. Fortunately, another company was founded to take over the business and save the 86 jobs at the factory in Nokia, a nearby town - Nokian Neulomo.


For some reason I felt connected to that factory as soon as I heard they were in trouble back in 2014, and was so delighted that Neulomo was able to take over the operations for new brands. To kickstart, one of the brands producing there, Papu, had a batch of their dress Kanto for pre-order in 2016. I ordered two! In the meantime Neulomo created their own brand also, which has taken off very nicely as I understand. As I saw they had an end-of-season sale, I could not resist getting a few items. I am no way a fashion blogger, but I thought I'd show them to you. I find it refreshing to see fashion modeled by real people, not models, so maybe someone else does too.


I bought three things, the shirt Tuija (all the products are named after ladies who work at Neulomo), the short dress Susanna and the long dress Eeva. As I look at the Neulomo site now, August 2017, I see these designs are no longer offered. They seem to have been a thing of 2017, which is great to me, as they will be rather unique if not sold for years and years!


Anyhow, the Tuija is a cotton/modal/elastane shirt with a gather below the boobs, flattering body and close-sitting sleeves. The picture is not the best, but it really is a nice piece of clothing for anyone with a bit of belly like me. I think it would look cooler with more boobs, but hey, you've got to work with what you've got! We couldn't get a decent picture of the black garment, so you'll have to take my word for it.


The Susanna dress is in my absolute favourite turqoise colour! It's the small sister of Eeva - they are both viscose with elastane, only Susanna is shorter. Eeva has these really cool slits on both sides up to the knee. I got my Eeva in a special colour, also avaliable only for period of time. Every piece of clothing with this fabric is unique! Can you tell I have a faible for unique, special stuff? Anyhow, both dresses feel really good, and if I pull in my belly like in the pictures I think I look really nice in them too! These clothes are the size L.


Anyhow, I feel really happy about my purchase. Well, it was final sale and the discount was big, so I don't think Neulomo made any money with my purchase, but hey, I am blogging about them now so maybe that helps. I love dresses, I love turqoise, I love made in Finland. What could be better!


Disclaimer: the post was not sponsored, I bought all products with my own money. If you would like to send me anything to review though, get in touch at xxxx!

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