I finally managed to get decent pictures of our very lively new cat whom we have named Miss Sophie (Dinner for one, anyone?). She has been with us good two weeks now and seems to like us. She does claw places she shouldn't and ignores her clawing post completely. Any ideas what one could do to get her to claw places she should? She's not into catnip though, I tried that already. Other than that she's very lovely and cuddly and active and we like very very much already.


We got Sophie from the local animal shelter. She was found in a town nearby in July. She's about three years old and has certainly been around people before, she loves company and closeness and the sofa! We're very happy she's with us and I will keep you informed on what she does and how it's been. But now, here are the promised pictures! Isn't she a beauty?

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