Remember in part 2 I told we were treated to some ice cream? Well, we were, and what an ice cream it was! We went to Lapp Valley Farm, an Amish dairy farm and ice cream shop (with a drive-through too) all in one! They make their milk products, butter and ice cream out of the milk of ther own cows (which you can see in the first picture - now that is a short logistics chain!). The ice cream (I had maple & walnut, but there are many sorts) was so delicious and the waffle cones almost as wonderful. If you happen to be around New Holland area in Pennsylvania go have a cone, it's really worth it.


For us European tourists the drive to and back to the farm was very interesting too, as we got to see some Amish buggies with horses, as well as Amish schoolchildren playing in the schoolyard. There are no Amish people in Europe anymore, so at least for me it was very interesting to see a glimpse of this different way of life, which I have only read and seen films about.

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