The theatre I act in, Kleines Theater Essen (loosely translated to the Small Theatre of Essen) is celebrating it's 50 years anniversary and as a thanks we actors had a nice summer party at the See Bar in Essen which is a riverside restaurant, bar and party location in Kupferdreh, Essen.


It was a very nice evening with friends and colleagues from the theatre! I didn't stay too long as I generally am not a night person, but I did have a good time while I was there and ate a lot of delicious vegetarian food :)


Here are a few pictures from the setting for you to share the atmosphere.


In case you live near Essen and want to see me on stage, come to Bonnie & Clyde on Halloween, the 31st of October 2015 or in Dusseldorf on the 6th of December - chedk out the theatre website for more info!

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