Today I will show you three tote bags which I upgraded by sewing some patches on them!


I have two patches that have been with me for years and years, which I now finally sew onto tote bags! Take a look at these funky beauties!


The purple one is pretty clear, as it is in English. You wouldn't believe from which clothing piece that little cat patch was salvaged from though! Ask me if you're interested :) The tote bag is one I tie-dyed myself years and years ago, back when we lived in Ireland.


The pink one is store-bought and the patch is in Finnish. It says something like this "Beauty standards severely harm you and those around you" - it follows the same word scheme as the warning text on a packet of cigarettes. I think the bag turned out really nice and punky, even though all I did was to sew on this old patch.


I bought them from Ompelukerho, a women's action group for a better world, in which I am still a member in, albeit a very distant one, as Ompelukerho is a Finnish group.


The green bag is really special with its patch, which of course shows Che Guevara. The patch is from a t-shirt I bought in Cuba when we were there in 2011. They didn't have any ladies t-shirts so I bought a big child size. However I was too big for that even then and now a few years have passed and all hope that I would ever fit into that t-shirt is long gone. So I took my scissors and cut Che off the shirt and sew him onto this bag, which I have also dyed myself back in the day.


How do you like these bag?

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