Coffeeswap Questions

As previously posted, I joined Coffeeswap 3. Mistake: then I went for holidays. I come back, and it's all on the way already! I hope I'm not too late with my questions answered:


1. Whole bean or ground?
Ground, for now.


2. Fully-loaded or decaf?

The real stuff!


3. Regular or flavored?



4. How do you drink your coffee?

Black, black, black.


5. Favorite coffee ever?

In Wanha Vanilja coffee house in Tampere, Finland, they have the best ever vanilla coffee. That's the best stuff I've had since.

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?

Not fussy at all!


7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?

A good magazine or a book is my first choise, chocolate is good too, and cookies, and and... I have a sweet tooth that I am currently trying to tame (by avoiding sugar)


8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?



9. Yarn/fiber you love?

Organic wool, and handspun stuff especially.


10. Yarn/fiber you hate?

Pretty much anything goes, I have no problems with acrylics either.


11. What's on your needles?

At the moment? Some socks only, I actually finished some of my several UFOs a week or two back. I'll get back on casting on soon enough...


12. Favorite colors? Deep red, orange. Purple. Black. Blue. Oh, I like a lot of colours, but maybe those mentioned are the nicest now.


13. Allergies?



14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest?

Well, I'm all for the environment, animal and human rights, so I hope not to be sent any oh so cute but made-with-child-labour-in-Taiwan  -things, nor leather yarn etc weird things.


And I am very happy to be a part of this swap! Can't wait to get to know the pal. 

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