What a lovely day it was! I first started off with the wrong foot by knitting for 30 minutes in front of the wrong gazebo. Only when I took a stroll around the park I found the actual gathering. We were first at the band stand, but then the band came and we moved to the lawn to enjoy the music (which was very good!) At one point some drops of rain came down, but they soon gave up as we refused to budge.

There was a good turnout, at one point I counted 27 knitters!  I also met another Finn on holiday,  which was nice as I am usually the sole Nordic knitter in the Dublin groups. 

I also managed to try something new! Lindy was spinning, and as I told her I have always wanted to learn, she took out of her bag a 'spud spindle' - a spindle made with a pencil and a half a potato. She was nice enough to show me how to get started, gave me the spindle and some wool and off I went to practice! It was great fun, I would not knit a shawl with my handiwork, but it does resemble yarn. I will practice! 

Here's Lindy showing how it's done. And the spindle is truly a pencil and a potato! 

At the end (around 6pm) there was a raffle - and I won some nice Craftspun wool from ThisisKnit. What a nice surprise!

At the end there was 8 of us who went on to have a bite to eat, and some of us also had a drink (or two) to warm ourselves up! All in all, a great day!

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