I came home today and had three packets waiting for me! In one were a rice cooker and the complete Absolutely Fabulous series which I had ordered a few days back. In the second one was the book Custom Knits - a surprise present from a friend of mine! I'll write a review on it later.


But the third package was my Swap on a budget swap packet from Norway! Take a look at all the goodies in it.


The lovely socks are the My Vampire Boyfriend socks from Knitty. After taking the photo of me wearing them I just left them on - they're lovely!


The yarn is Peruvian wool with tencel from Gjestal, and there were also other goodies in the packet - like aloe vera vaseline, a tiny knitting book, stitch markers and some yarn samples from the Loopy Ewe.


What a great package! Thank you so much Lena!

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Wow! I love your shawl, was it easy to make? The socks pattern looks cool!
On my shawl, now that I have done more rows you can barely tell I made a mistake. Thank goodness I picked up a stitch in the right place. I like your Blog!

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Hi, and thanks! I'm always pleased when people like my blog :D

I guess you're talking about the Ishbel shawl? It was my first lace shawl ever, so I can't say I found it easy - but the pattern was easy to follow and the results were good. I made loads of mistakes too, but managed to fix most and the rest are so minor no one, not even me, will notice them :D