The book is called "Alles zuviel" in German, which ist just the translation of "It's All Too Much " basically. This interesting book name made me take the book with me from the library a few weeks ago. I read it in one day, and after reading it cleared two plastic bags full of clothes to donate out of my closet, got rid of quite an amount of paper, packaging materials, and other trash, plus sorted one more bag full of items to donate (like old computer games, books, even some yarn). I even sorted out my patterns!


So as you can see, the book talks about how to get rid of clutter in our lives. I'm not so bad in keeping all kinds of stuff from my home, but it still somehow sneaks up on you and one day you notice the shelves are full of stuff you have no use for. The author is clear but friendly in his tone: if it's not pretty or useful, it should go, and it should not be replaced! I say that's a good base line of household keeping.


I would recommend this book to everyone. I'm quite sure almost all of us have useless stuff at home we just need some trigger to get rid of. This book can be that trigger. Plus, if you take the message to heart and actually start thinking before you buy, you actually can diminish the flow of stuff to your home and help the planet a bit by cutting down on consumption.


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