I can't believe I didn't post these socks a long time ago, as I finished these a while back. Well, better late than never: and the little knitting I've been doing has been socks anyway, so these fit the scheme!


I call these my vegan socks, as the yarn I made them with is vegan, that means without any animal fibers. It's called Crystal Palace Panda Soy Print, a lovely, soft sock weight yarn, which has been sadly discontinued. I received this yarn in a swap long time ago. The colorway "2006 Green Fields" was rather loud to my eyes, so using the yarn for a shawl was out of the question, as while I do like some loudness in my feet, I don't usually wear such combinations closer to my face.


So socks it was, and I made these with 2,5 mm dpns in European size 39, that is to fit my foot. The pattern was my usual no-brainer 2x2 rib with a flap heel.


I really liked knitting with this yarn, as it was really really soft and good to the hands. Unfortunately the socks themselves are pretty slouchy and they really don't stay on my feet very well. I tend to use them in bed, or perhaps I could make them stay put in tight shoes!


I am a bit ambivalent about this yarn, as I love that it is vegan and so soft, but dislike the way it behaves as a sock, but as it's been discontinued anyway, I guess I have little fear/hope of using it again!


How do you like my socks?

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