Oh my, oh my I've been very bad at posting... but that's because I've been very bad a knitting. I'm just not feeling the mojo at the moment, and I don't intend to force myself either. But I sure hope you enjoy my (less frequent) posts anyway.


This piece especially is something I really am proud of. It's a poncho for my husband. I knit myself a Lanesplitter skirt in 2011, and after my hubby saw it, he said he'd love a Clint Eastwood poncho in those exact colors. Well, I got round to looking for that yarn but pretty soon it became clear that that colorway had been discontinued. One Finnish knitter happened to have 10 balls of it in her stash, and offered to sell it to me, which I joyously accepted.


I then started knitting, and started with it a year-long odyssey of blah. The knitting itself was nice, but even before I started, I had developed the "dread of the neck hole", as I didn't have a clue how to do a decent neck hole on a rectangular piece knit from the edge. And even more: when to start it, to make it center.


After procrastinating for 6 months or more, I finally did the neck hole. It wasn't center. So I ripped half the woek back, and tried again. Once that one piece was finished and successful, the other piece was easy to make. After two seams, the whole thing was ready. It was a drag, but the poncho is really gorgeous, soft, drapey, and my hubby loves it.


This is me in the pics modelling it.


I used 5mm needles and two yarns: Novita Puro in Tundra, and black Ronda yarn. I used abour 5 balls of each. The neck was finally made with short rows and increases.


How do you like it? Go ahead and face it in Ravelry, if you like :)

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