I take part in activity called "Random acts of Kindness", mainly through the groups on Ravelry. One posts a wish list of things one wishes for, and some one else can then send these items (or thoughts or anything) to the wisher, without getting anything back or getting money. Someone else might then send something for this person.


I've been really blessed with two gourgeous big gifts lately. First, Clarissa from US/Italy sent me a skein of banana silk yarn, and KoolAid. I only took a photo of the yarn though, it's so gorgeous! I don't know what to do with it yet, though. Any ideas?


The second beautiful packet arrived from Finland, from Muoriska and contained four (!) balls of Novita Wool, which I like a lot (it's great for hats!) and a box of chocolates - on the cover it says "Life is like a box of chocolates". I found that lovely!


The gifts I've sent out are much less than these, so I feel really thankful and will be planning on sending someone else such a great packet, too.

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