Meet my new Singer sewing machine, which my dear father-in-law gave to me. It's old (the manual is from 1983), simple and exactly what I wanted!


See, I've been wanting a sewing machine for years now, and finally with my own room (I guess we adults should call it an office... so my office) I have enough space for it! Hooray!


It really is a simple machine with all the stitches a beginning sewer may need and more, things like a buttonhole program and a special foot for zippers.


Until now I've only sewed a few lavender pillows - and I Finn-ified our bed linen. See, the German duvet cases don't have the handy little openings at the upper end of the case (like the Finnish ones do), so you can get a better hold of the duvet while pulling the case over or pulling the duvet into place in the morning. So I ripped 10 cm open from all the upper sides of our duvet cases and sewed pretty hand-sized openings to all of them. Success!


Today or tomorrow I'll need to sew a draft excluder to one of our windows which is not quite draft-proof - it's now below freezing (and has been for the whole day), so I'd better make the place winter resistent!


But it is pretty outside - here's a pic from our window today at sunset.

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