Knitty Deep Fall is up!

At Your Leisure Cardigan - Image © 2012 Ann Molvik

Oh my, where do the weeks fly? Our place is still full of boxes, but there's also a sofa now and since yesterday I even have a desk. Slowly, oh so slowly it's starting to resemble a home! I still haven't found the batteries for my camera, so instead of my recent knits I'll discuss the newest Knitty!


I have to say, the latest Knittys haven't really interested me much... and this new issue continues that line. I feel that Knitty is always on the lookout for the craziest, most innovative patterns there are. Nothing bad there, but I tend to be the type that likes to knit pretty, useful things rather than weird-looking garments with never-seen-before stitches and heel construction methods that make your brain hurt.


And to be honest, the "simpler" Knitty patterns, on the other hand, are plain boring (I'm looking at you Mr Bluejeans)


It seems that I only like the menswear in the new issue (well, and Ysoldas and Stephanies makeup, too). I mean, look at the Donuts hoodie. Isn't that great? It has a simple form and a few interesting details to make it a looker. It looks comfortable and nice to knit (I do not have any problems with all that stockinette, I really don't!).


At your Leisusre is my second favourite for men. Intarsia! Saddle shoulders! Garter buttonhole bands! Big enough gauge! What's not to love.


The other patterns are nice to look at, but I'm not so sure I'd like to knit them anytime soon.


What is your opinion on the new Knitty?

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