The inherited stash Part 2

Austermann Enpire

Like said in my last post, I recently received a whole stash of yarn from a friend of mine who gave up knitting (I know, right!?!)


In the last post I showed the viscose and rayon yarns I got. This post will be all about wool! Take a look at these nice yarns:


First there's a big pile of Austermann Empire, a bouclé type yarn with 93% wool and only 7% polyester. There's a lot of it, it would be enough for a garment, but well... bouclé is not quite my style... we'll see!


Next there are four lovely light yellow balls of Schoeller + Stahl Limbo yarn, not a vintage yarn at all, in fact it was only dicontinued in 2010! It's all wool and very soft. I have high hopes for this yarn!


The dark blue yarn is called "Merino mit Dunova Klimafaser" and it's a 50/50 blend of Merino and acrylic. Also very soft - I'm thinking about a hat perhaps?


Last but not least there is Junghans Wolle Manhattan, another wool blend which could be great for baby knits I think? With 200 grams there would be enough for a cardigan even. Again, time will tell - I don't think any of these yarns will be knit right away.


Ok, that's all for today! Watch this space for the cotton (blend) and alpaca yarns, and the loot I will be giving to my mother!

Limbo Superwash
Wollservice Merino

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