Last square of 2011

Remember last year when I made over 50 squares for blankets for the charity Knit a Square? After so many squares I had enough... but not for forever.


See, yesterday I was on Facebook and saw that Knit a Square had put up some new pictures from a event where knitted items are being distributed to the orphans. I was touched very deeply, just to see these kids cuddle up together in these blankets made me instantly (well, after I got home from work...) go look through my stash to see what yarns could be used to make more squares.


I did look, and in two days time I now have 9 squared ready and the tenth cast on.


I mean, this is what it's all about, life I mean, helping others who have so little in this world? If there's something I love doing then why on Earth won't I use it to bring some more joy into this world, especially to those who perhaps don't have so many things to be joyous about. That's why I knit for charity rather than knit Christmas presents for everyone in the family or make sweaters for myself for every day of the year. It gives me more satisfaction, and it gives back to the world.


But sentimentality aside - will you join me this time around? Or do you have another charity you knit for?

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You have a lovely heart. Please keep up the good work~
I do knit for 'Save the Chileren' and I totally agree with what you mentioned about charity knitting. Helping some people in need is a beautiful thing~

You are: Thoughtful, kind, caring, generous. Giving to others is so important. No matter how we choose to do it, giving what we can, when we can without restraint is one of the best ways to improve our quality of life. Hooray for you and others who give too!