It's been a while since I've made Calorimetries - in fact it's been over four years since I knitted my last big batch of these funky headwarmers.


High time to make some new ones don't you think!


In March I made five Calorimetries with bulky yarn: talk about instant gratification! I also got to use some pretty buttons from my little button stash, which sees the light of day way too seldom.


The green ones are made with Wolle Rödels Polar yarn which I got in exchange in our Christmas knitting meetup. It's a super bulky 50% wool, 50% acrylic yarn and it was very soft to knit with. The suggested needle size is 9 or 10 (that's 13-15 US sizing), but I knit these with size 5 needles, to make them a bit sturdier and warmer. I have such a loose hand that it actually worked out! One is very small, a child size in fact, and the other somewhat bigger, knitted with about 60 stitches across.


The orange ones are from Lang Yarns Eve, a stretchy yarn I used to make my husband his Eccentric Sweater and my Eccentric Two Tone Shrug. The yarn is bulky and should also be knit on 7-8 size needles, but I used my old-and-trustworthy 5ers again. These had about 80 stitches across - the actual number varied and I've forgot the actual stitch count by now. Next time I'll take notes, promise!


These are off to charity - some for the animal shelter, some for other purposes. In fact, I'm looking for new charities to work for: do you have any ideas?

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