This spring has been all about cowls. I've made so many! It's juyt the way knitting (or life, in fact) is for me - I get utterly and completely fascinated about something, devote my time to it almost exclusively... and at some point I'm through. I've seen it with shawls especially: in 2010 I knit one shawl after another - and after that I've hardly finished any!


So let's see how long it will take with the cowl enthusiasm to wear off. It's not gone, yet!


Let me present the cowls I've made this spring:


The first one is made with Cascade Pastaza yarn which I received in a swap a few months ago. I used the pattern Swirling Petals Cowl which is in fact written for Pastaza to make the first one. I used about 90 grams and knitted the piece on 5 mm needles.


I also made some plain-old cowls - garter stitch border and stockinette sticth body. I made one smaller and one bigger - these are off to charity soon. The yarn I used was Samos Lollipop.


With the same Samos I made a cowl which I call the "Office Building Complex" cowl, made with knits and purls and a few yarn overs!


And then we're back at Swirling Petals. I used the same pattern, the same needles to knit acrylic-cotton mix yarns into spring cowls. I made one with Samos and two with Red Heart's Eco Cotton Blend. Oh aren't they soft and especially suitable for the still-chilly spring mornings and evenings! I love wearing them, but a few will be donated to charity, of course.


What do you think of my cowls? And - do you ever get that urge to knit a dozen socks, scarves etc. before you move on to something else? I'd love to know it's not just me!

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Holy COW(L)! LOL. I couldn't resist. You know knitters have the worst (or best, depending on your preference) sense of humor! :-D

I have a hat knitting mojo at the moment. 2 Rikkes done and I want to knit at least one more and I have 2 more hats on the needles at the moment. :D