Warmth for the homeless - Charity scarves are underway

Charity Scarves 2011

In 2011 I knit a lot of scarves for charity. In spring, I learned a new stitch, the "half patent" as it is called in Germany and I guess it's called brioche stitch in English. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


Anyhow, I got bitten by the scarf bug and I made scarf after scarf with this new stitch, plowing through my stash of woolen, warm yarns in different weights. Last year I had donated some scarves and hats to the homeless in a nearby city, and exactly these homeless people I had in mind right from the beginning.


I finished 8 scarves in brioche stitch in 2011! Here they all are. There's also a hat I made and a scarf I made in 2012, and that's what I sent to the charity to donate for the homeless a few weeks ago. Good timing it was, as it's just now starting to get really cold here.


I didn't weigh these scarves, but I'm sure I used a kilo of my stash on these. Pretty good, another win-win knitting experience: I get to knit up all my pretty yarns and people who have very little get to stay warm.


Which scarf is your favourite?

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