In 2011 I knit a lot of scarves for charity. In spring, I learned a new stitch, the "half patent" as it is called in Germany and I guess it's called brioche stitch in English. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


Anyhow, I got bitten by the scarf bug and I made scarf after scarf with this new stitch, plowing through my stash of woolen, warm yarns in different weights. Last year I had donated some scarves and hats to the homeless in a nearby city, and exactly these homeless people I had in mind right from the beginning.


I finished 8 scarves in brioche stitch in 2011! Here they all are. There's also a hat I made and a scarf I made in 2012, and that's what I sent to the charity to donate for the homeless a few weeks ago. Good timing it was, as it's just now starting to get really cold here.


I didn't weigh these scarves, but I'm sure I used a kilo of my stash on these. Pretty good, another win-win knitting experience: I get to knit up all my pretty yarns and people who have very little get to stay warm.


Which scarf is your favourite?

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Love the scarves, you really did churn them out last year! I think my fave is the one in the top right of the photo, with the thin blue, white and brown stripes. looks lovely and snug and would match loads of coats!

Thank you! That scarf is really funny actually, as the other half has thicker stripes. I was running out of one of the colours and had to change the pattern halfway through :) You can see it better here:

I really had a time last spring where I didn't want to knit anything else, just these scarves! A time for everything, right?

I really love the gray ones with red stripes.
And I love the fact that you thought about others!

I do one project every year with a group, and last year we donated 2 shoppers full of scarf, hats and gloves, and some socks.

It's good to know your work is usefull and comforting for somebody.

Love from the Netherlands!

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I very much agree, I love charity knitting as the items will be needed and used.

very nice idea.
I just found this yesterday on ravelry
from Sara's Colorwave Yarns website

here is the pattern

interesting, so brioche is the "half" fisherman? I was wondering.

happy knitting

I like your captcha ^_~