In Oktober 2010 I started a series of interviews, where I asked knitwear designers from around the world questions about their design process, the yarns they use and how the designs come to life. By publishing these interviews, I've learned so much, and I hope you have too.


But now it's time for a break. I didn't plan one, but the signs gave me enough feedback to notice it's time for a break: I had a designer lined up for January, she had even agreed to participate, but never answered the questions and won't answer my mails. The one I had planned for February never answered me, and the third said she has no time at the moment. Pretty clear signs, don't you think!


So Designer of the month series is going on a break for a while. To make up for the loss I'm planning on making more of WorstedKnitt's Pattern shows and perhaps I'll have a new idea or two for the future!

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