After my last successful swap I decided to join a few other swaps too, as it is so much fun making and receiving presents!


The Keeping it simple swap is group with different kinds of swaps going on, and this time it was supposed to be all from your stash. Love the idea!


This swap present is from Alison whose Ravelry nick I don't know (yet), all the way from Scotland!


The present was waiting for me when I got back from grocery shopping, and I had to open the present before I could proceed to putting what I bought into the fridge! On opening the present, everything was nicely packaged.


I quickly opened everything, and behold! What a lovely present, simple and sleek, like I like them. There was a 100g ball of Monsoon yarn (gorgeous!) and a ball of Wendy's cotton in bright pink. I was also delighted to receive some Twinings tea (which I am drinking right now, it's delicious), some natural candy and dark chocolate with a chocolate cake recepie. Apparently I'm supposed to use the chocolate to ice the cake, but I'm not quite sure it will survive that long :) It looks delicious as it is, so I might just eat it plain!


Thanks Alison! I'm glad I joined this swap, and I am taking part in a few others too, so you'll be seeing more swap presents in the future as well.

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