Finally a clowdy evening to blog, it's been too beautiful to sit next to the computer.


Like everyone else was at the World Wide Knit In Public day in St.Stephens green on Saturday. Read all about it in Lien's blog, and even more from Diane's or Laura's. There must be more but these are the ones I found / the most comprehensive ones. What can I add? It was great fun and I hope to do these things more often (but this time not to tell it to the Irish Times to avoid conflicts with the police - see Lien's for more on this funny incident).


I knitted a few rows of  Samuel's scarf and the legs of an Apupupu-bunny, for Finnish charity.

And if anyone missed it, the WWKIP day was also the world premiere my new shirt and the unbelievably  wonderful Worsted Knitt logo!

Brought to you by shirtsofberlin, a pretty darn cool shirt shop!

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