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Ok, let's see.


Today's topic is this:


"Is there a pattern or skill that you don’t yet feel ready to tackle but which you hope to (or think you can only dream of) tackling in the future, near or distant? Is there a skill or project that makes your mind boggle at the sheer time, dedication and mastery of the craft? Maybe the skill or pattern is one that you don’t even personally want to make but can stand back and admire those that do. Maybe it is something you think you will never be bothered to actually make bu can admire the result of those that have."


I can only name one just like that, and that's designing! I'm such a noob in that, and I would love to be much better!


In all honesty though, I have put designing a bit to the background at the moment. I have a few other projects (knitting and non knitting related) that need so much of my attention that I just can't tear myself trying to do everything at once. But I promise designing will become a priority one day, too.


Oh yes, and the tag for today is 2KCBWDAY6

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I give designers a ton of credit because it's not easy. I've only designed one very small pattern and there's no more plans in the near future for me!

Best of luck with your goals!

This is one of my goals as well :O). Don't give up on it and I found patience and perseverance are very key + expect trial and error.