It's time for the second ever Worsted Knitt's pattern show!


Here I will present some of the newest, nicest knitting patterns on Ravelry. I will present patterns that are not in the Top 10, and even a bit underrated. This issue is all about sweaters! Take a look what I chose:


My favourite is the Montgolfier. Simple, yet interesting, with a decent size needle (I mean not too tiny) - and a fun photo, too!


I also love the Splash of Blue, created by a fellow Finn, 50 Villapeikkoa! Just look at the cabling, isn't it just so pretty, yet doable?


Next I have a pattern I would love to knit for my niece (I may have mentioned her before, she's 16 and very tall and thin - very nice knit recipient!). It's the Balletomane. She loves details, and this sweater is full of them. Consider it queued!


Next, I have something Japan-inspired. As you might know, I love Japan (it's where our honeymoon was)and this design rings the Japanese bell perfectly! Look at Misaki. Just makes me think of the spring, and the awaiting of the cherry blossom...


Last but not least I have the Waiting for Spring free pattern by Susan Dempster. In the round, with a lovely detail - what could be better?


So that's all for now. Which pattern do you like best?

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