There are a few knitters I follow regularly online: read their blogs and follow them on Twitter. Minimalist Knitter (aka Robyn Devine) is one of these people. Her blog is lovely, her goals are inspiring and the content she writes is useful and interesting. Therefore when I saw she has a new e-book Holiday Made Simple coming up, I decided I want to tell you all about it, too.


See, December 1st is just around the corner, and most people are beginning to drag out all the holiday decorations and getting prepped for the season. Maybe you are already planning for the holiday season, and maybe even already a little bit overwhelmed by all that you want to do, see, eat, make, and purchase! To help you Robyn has written a 43-page-e-book, Holiday Made Simple, sharing all the tips and tricks she's discovered on simplifying the holiday season!


From this e-book you will learn:

  • - how to slash your to-do list in less than 30 minutes
  • - how to decorate your home in under an hour
  • - a super-simple craft idea for wrangling holiday cards
  • - how to simplify your meals during December
  • - quick and dirty potluck planning
  • - five ways to simplify your card-sending
  • - and much more!


In addition, anyone who orders Holiday Made Simple before December 1 will be automatically signed up to receive Quick Holiday Tips, Robyn's daily December e-mails that tie into Holiday Made Simple and share tips and tricks to help make each day of your holiday season a little less crazy.


You can buy the e-book online here!


As a bonus for anyone promoting Robyn's work, she's set up an affiliate system to support the ones who support her. Therefore the links in this post are affiliate links, that means if you buy the e-book, I'll get a part of the sale price as a thank-you from Robyn, at no extra cost to you. And that means you are helping me keep up and running as well as supporting Robyn's work - and making your own holiday season simpler!

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