I saw Green Day in Köln

I've actually been one of the biggest fans of Green Day - about 15 years ago. I would say one of the worst things that happened to me in 1995 was that I couldn't go see their concert in Helsinki (Finland). But I was only 12, so I guess my Mum had a point. However, after the album Insomniac I didn't much follow them anymore, anyway. Until this year, when I realised I live in Germany now, a land where big bands come play gigs, and that Green Day is a really big band now.


So in May I bought two tickets to the Green Day show in Köln (or Cologne) - that gig took place this Monday, the 5th October.


And it was great! Long and full of energy. Great music. Great atmosphere. Nice arena. The band still looks the same as they did in 1994 (yum!). Full of attitude as well! I really loved it, I must say! Luckily I bought all their albums since 1997 as preparation for this concert, so I'll be listening to them until the next tour!


Here's a great, short video from the concert (not by me) - Youtube link. Enjoy!

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