Finally, finally I get to show this! I kept forgetting and then the wedding came and and..!


But here it finally is. My lovely first-ever knitted t-shirt. Let's look at the specs:


Pattern: Easy Peasy Tee
Yarn: Junghans Opal in petrol blue, 3,5 balls, that is 175 grams.
Needles: 4.5mm circular, 60cm long.
Mods: My gauge was something quite different from the original pattern, so I CO 128 stitches for size medium/large and adjusted the other numbers accordingly (like left only 10 stitches between the side stitch marker and the PINK stitch marker when doing increases and decreases instead of 20). I also shortened the tee a bit by leaving out one decrease to the waist.


Very easy and quick knit!

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