I have been very productive this weekend! I finished two projects, the Danica scarf and the String bag, both relatively new projects, meaning they have not waited on the needled months and months. I am pretty proud of myself how they turned out, and that I actually finished (finished! Like darning in the ends and all!) two projects in a weekend. Usually when I finish one thing, I cast on a new thing or two to make up for it. However, here they are.

Knit on 5mm needles, yarn Lana Grossa's Furetto, colour 008. Started in January, finished yesterday. A real fun knit! The pattern was well written (= I was able to teach myself entrelac from it) and the yarn is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I wore the scarf today, and boy was it great. A bit itchy in the beginning, but oh so warm. A great project.


Next, the string bag:

Thank God this is such a stretchy thing, otherwise all the millions of mistakes I made would be very visible. Luckily, they're not. It's made mostly in turkish stitch.

The bag was knit on 4mm 40cm long circular, and a 6mm 80 cm circular, and the yarn is from Lidl's last years yarn sale. I think this bag is going to be used on the farmers market, even though it poses here with yarn in it. Fun project! I will try my hand at some other string bag next, like the Bagstopper.




Sain valmiiksi Danica-huivin ja verkkokassin! Danica varsinkin on ihana! Kassissa on kamalasti virheitä, mutta onneksi kassin tyyppi on sellainen, ettei niitä juuri näe.

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