This week has not been the best knit-wise.


First, I started a beautiful pair of Baudelaire socks a while back, and this weekend I did the first heel. It came out so sloppy and big, I had to rip back (I was already doing the leg when I decided the heel is just too bad) long to the foot part. What a drag, but I did it, and the sock is so much better now!


I turned the heel with 72 stitches instead of the 84 the pattern calls for. I am using much bigger yarnd and needles than the pattern, though.  The pattern itself is so beautiful and not at all so difficult as I thought.

All right, so the Baudelaire issue is sorted. However, this morning I had to rip my Kiri. I had just made so much mistakes and kept making them, I decided if I am going to go trough all this trouble for a shawl, it should at least look right. So off the needles it went. I hate ripping that Kid silk yarn! The next time I take that for a project I will make sure that it is a project I can do.

I knew if I just frog it and leave the whole Kiri business be, I'd hate myself. So, I got some nice cotton I had stored and cast it on again.

Let's see what this becomes.  

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