For once I had an active weekend, meaning I actually got out of the house, and did something else than knitting, blogging or reading at home. I met my cousin and her husband on Saturday, Nic wanted to come too but was busy. So the three of us went for few pints in the city centre.First we sat in a church that has been trasformed to a pub. No, that was a weird experience. I liked the pub, but the whole idea of drinking in a holy place did kind of freak me out.

The next one was much more traditional Irish pub with music and all. We had our third pint there, and after that it was alreadt time to get home.

Today me and Nik took it easy, and went strolling on the Clontarf coast. Or, we wanted to stroll, but it started raining! We ended up having "strolled" only trough Drumcondra. Well, we saw the Croke park, and some very bad cabling. Dublin is full of interesting views, indeed, for the one who keeps her eyes open for the little things. 

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