Friday Night Knitting Club

After a long, long while, I got my hands on a book that really facinated me so much, that I could hardly lay it off my hands during the working day. So, indeed I didn't, but finished this book in 3 days.


Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs is not a literary masterpiece by any accord, but it tells a great story, is compelling and facinating; it shows how the destinies of different women come togehter in a knitting shop's weekly group. This touches me, as a member of a knitting group myself I found the stories and the group's support very well described.

The writing style is straightforward, which is great - it means you can read faster! I certainly wanted to read faster, the characters had so interesting and problematic lives, and I just had to know what'd going to happen next.  I devoured the book, only to find the ending quite something else than I would have expected.


Highly recommended reading for anyone not looking for a Tolstoi, but easy reading about knitters and women's lives, hope, survival and forgiveness. More of this please! 

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