I usually only review books that are available in English language, but this one was so interesting I decided to write a few lines even though it's apparently only available in German, Italian and maybe Portuguese... let me know if you find it in English.


It's called "Das 11-Minuten-Mädchen" which means "The eleven minutes girl", written by Sonia, who goes by the artist name Mariana Brazil.


She's a former prostitute, originally from Brazil but she came to Europe to work and stayed even after her "career" was over. It's a very interesting biography, where Mariana tells about her day to day life, her friends and collegues, all women with personalities and different histories. She pictures the life in a very down-to-earth way, not making it prettier or more terrible than it actually is.


She comes across as a person who believes in love above all, and follows this ideal in all she does. My world view is quite different from hers, in a way, so it was really interesting and sometimes disturbing to read her thoughts, hopes and actions.


I will recommend this book; if you get your hands on it in a language you can read, please do.

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It's available in English - it's just called "Eleven Minutes" in English. I read it last spring. Excellent book.