I went to Germany for Christmas. Germany is the land of sauerkraut, good beer - and sock yarn! Marvellous balls of thin, lovely variegated Regias and Lana Grossas in a broad variety of colours. Not to mention the 50 eur gift card to a LYS there... and the sale in the other LYS... so here the goodies for you. These should keep me occupied trough 2008.


1. Lana Grossa Fantasy in reds and yellows.

2. More Lana Grossa - Mega Boots Stretch in blue and red.


Moving on to the Regias, first the plain red one , which will propably end up being a gorgeous pair of lacy socks.


Next, an assortment of Regias - Atlantis Colour, Arctic Colour and Winter Colour.

Last (of the sock wools) Regia Galaxy , a yarn I am so crazed about just now - It will knit up looking like this.


I also bought a few balls non-sock yarn, and will most likely make a scarf or something similar of it. I adore the colours of these! Last here - Lana Grossa Furetto.


Lucky me! 

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