Last year there were big riots in Burma, like in Tibet now, the Blogsphere created a project called "Free Burma". Since then nearly no blogger wrote about Burma and what's happening there. Only specific blogs still keep the information going. It was probably a sign of faith or destiny or both when I got "The Lizard Cage" a book written by Karen Conelly.


The story is about "Songbird" a Burmese singer who is sentenced for 20 year in jail for writing protest songs against  the repressive Burmen regime. With great authencity and in details Karen Connelly writes about  "Songbirds" living in the lizard cage, torture, pain, the corrupt system of warders and about friendship, trust faith and hope as well. It's hard to belive that the prisoners described in this book would be prisoners if Burma would be a democracy. The density of the story and the pace it is told that makes this novel a great one. And perhaps at the end of the story you will begin reading it again! 

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