I was making more fingerless mittens for sale for my local animal shelter autumn market and came up with this little pattern. Hope you like it!


I'm calling them Lacey Bubblegum Punk Mitts, as the bubblegum punk style is "girly as well as black". The mittens also remind me of the punky 80's style, so there we have it. You could make these mittens in hot pink as well!


I offer this free knitting pattern for no fee for your own personal use - you may not sell this pattern or the hats you knit using it (please ask me about charity).


Please if you like this pattern do concider taking a look at the products I advertise here on my website and use my links for your Amazon & co purchases - it earns me a small fee to be able to cover the costs of running this blog!


What you'll need:


Yarn: Worsted/aran weight (yarn used here is Novita Julia, a wool and acrylic mix). I used less than one ball (50 grams).
Needles: 4mm dpns (US 6)
Gauge: Sorry! I didn't measure gauge before donating the mittens. Just give it a try, if the mitts are feeling too small or big, they're easy and small enough to start over with another yarn / needles.
Notes: I am a loose knitter, so 4mm needles work fine with worsted weight for me. If you are a tight knitter, you could go up a needle size. You can compensate this by casting on less stitches (for example 27).


The Lacey Bubblegum Punk Mitts pattern


Size: women's medium


Loosely CO 30 stitches, arrange on dpns and join for knitting in the round (don't twist the work!)


Start working:
Round 1-3: (k2, p1) ten times
Round 4: (k2tog, yo, p1) ten times


Repeat rounds 1-4 four more times, then work row 1 once more.


Now start knitting in stockinette stitch. Knit until the stockinette reaches the beginning of your thumb, measured from the point where your wrist ends and your hand begins. I knit approximately 10 rows.


Then make thumbhole: from beginning of round, knit 5 stitches on scrap yarn, transfer scrap yarn stitches back to the left needle, and knit the stitches again using the actual mitten yarn.


Continue working in stockinette for two more centimeters (a bit less than an inch). For me this was 7 rounds.


To make the lacey edge, work Round 1 once, then work Round 4, then work Rounds 1-4 once, finish with one more Round 1.


BO in a stretchy way, I used the decreased bind-off , but didn't knit tbl.


Then knit the thumb: pick the thumb stitches (which are on the scrap yarn) on two dpns, 5 below and 5 up. Remove scrap yarn. Now you have a hole, with 5 stitches on a dpn above and 5 stitches on another dpn below it. Knit the below 5 st, pick up 1 on the side of the hole, knit the upper 5, pick up 1 on the other side. Join to knit in round.


Knit in stockinette for 4 rounds, BO in the same method you bound off the actual mitten.


Then knit another identical mitt. You're done!


You can easily modify this pattern for different weights of yarn by casting on more or less stitches (just keep it as a multiple of 3). You can also make the cuff shorter or longer, as well as the lacey edge covering the fingers.


Let me know if you notice any errors in the patterns, and please post photos on Ravelry if you make a pair! Maybe you'd like to make a pair for a charity as well?

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