Rain non-stop

It's been raining the whole day today! I woke up listening to rain, and have been looking at it really the complete day; there's been no pause whatsoever.

Luckily our backyard jungle seems to enjoy it.

I've also been working on my ankle socks, comfortably indoors.

The pattern is from Alison and I definately like it, but I'm not quite sure whether I did the heel turning correctly. It did turn, and it's looking fine, but somehow I missed quite a lot of stitches on the way. I cast them back on, because I couldn't fathom where I'd lost them, but now I think the sock is looking / feeling far too wide and big!


I swapped the yarn, and am using smaller needles, but somehow the sock is too big! I've decreased a few stiches by now, but the beginning is pretty loose. I've decided I won't mind, anyhow (if you can't see it from a prancing pony...) 

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