Library Confidential is a hilarious book! The author Don Borchert's ten years experience as assistant librarian makes you think of the library in a quite different way that you may have used to! He works in an L.A public library, and tells stories of drug dealers that hide in the toilets, some fellow librarians who lose their patience in very non-librarian way, people who it seems chronically borrow books, don't return them, change their name and come back to get a new library card!


The L.A. library is a place where cultures mix. It's quite interesting to see how the Latin Americans, Blacks and White Americans (who seem to be a minority) get along in the library, the parking lot, and the whole community.  


This is definately a book to recommend. It's fun, mind-opening in its way, and divided in small enough sections to finish one in bed before sleeping!

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