I had wanted to try Kool Aid dyeing for a while, and when I got several balls of unnamed white wool when a friend of mine was destashing, and Sinead was leaving for the US in a few weeks for holidays. What better opportunity to try! I asked her to bring some sachets, and I got them this week in the Borders Knit and natter evening. So, Saturday night I got to it. I first studied the instructions, and put the wool for a bath (pic 1).


Pic 2: The lovely colours.


Pic 3: The atelier


Pic 4: After 30 minutes of wetting the wool I got to the actual business. First try - variegated yarn with Cherry and Grape. Very nice! On this I applied the colour water with a spoon.


Pic 5: Next, solid colour from Lemonade and the remaining Cherry - looks like Melon to me! Here it is on it's way to the microwave. I just poured the colour mix water on it.


Pic 6: Last but not least - variegated yarn with Pink Lemonade and Grape. On the other side I poured Pink Lemonade, and on the other Grape - and they didn't mix! I had very little Grape left, though, so this is very pastel colour like.


Pic 7: I microwaved them one at a time, until the water was clear, as instructed. I cleaned up, and no evidence remains in the kitchen (if one doesn't consider the cherry smell).


Pic 8: After all I rinsed the wool, and put hanks to the shower to dry. 


This was so much fun! I luckily still have wool and a few sachets...



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