Even though this posting is called Knitting, it is a book review. The title of the book just happens to be Knitting . It's written by Anne Bartlett, and is her first novel. One can notice that when reading the book. The storytelling is exquisitly good at some points, but very quickly plummets to an average level, and back throughout the book.


The story is about two women who meet in a surprisin situation, and become friends even if they are very different. Martha knits, Sandra works in literature. They start a project together, which reveals weaknesses in both of them, but also strengths and the capability to heal from loss.


Like said, this is an uneven book. I recommend it nonetheless to reading knitters, because the bits where the storytelling is good, it's really good. Just skip the boring bits! I hope to read more from Anne; this is a fine start in her writing career.

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